“I am a small business owner and I have no money to invest in good marketing strategies or hiring a digital marketer, so I’m fine doing it on my own.” This mindset for marketing might be costing you and you’re missing out on the opportunity to turn your business into a profitable one.

It is really hard when starting your business to invest in good marketing strategies. You either learn these over time yourself or get the help of a marketer to help you implement these strategies. You either pay for marketing/advertising with your time or money. If your time is better spent on producing your product or service then that is where your focus should be at the moment. 

Do you think you’re able to save by spending your time on marketing instead of focusing to improve your products or services? If you think marketing is an expense, think about how much dollars you are losing by not properly marketing your products or services. So, it’s always important to invest in marketing.

To have a profitable business, there is a TRIED and TESTED formula that most successful business owners have been following.


The Winning Formula: 

High desire product or service + Marketing Machine = Profitable business

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