Ever driven to a business only to find them closed? Frustrating, right?  Well, accurate business hours on your Google Business Profile (GBP) prevent such mishaps and keep potential customers informed. 

Why Accurate Hours Matter:

  • Convenience for Customers: Knowing your exact opening and closing times allows customers to plan their visits accordingly.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Nobody enjoys a wasted trip. Accurate hours minimize frustration and create a positive customer experience.
  • Boosted Search Ranking: Google prioritizes businesses with accurate information. Keeping your hours updated can improve your search ranking locally.

Here’s a simple guide, with step-by-step instructions, to updating your business hours on your GBP:

  1. Log In:  Head to https://business.google.com and log in with the Google account linked to your business GBP.
  2. Find Your Profile:  Once logged in, you’ll see your GBP dashboard. Locate your business profile on the list.
  3. Edit Your Info:  Click on “Info” for the specific business profile you want to edit.
  4. Update Hours:  Scroll down to the “Hours” section.  Click the pencil icon next to “Hours” to edit the existing schedule.
  5. Set Your Hours:  Here, you can set your opening and closing times for each day of the week. Google allows you to create multiple sets of hours for a single day,  useful if you have breaks or split schedules.
  6. Special Occasions:  The “Add special hours” option allows you to specify business hour variations for holidays or special occasions.
  7. Save Your Changes:  Once you’ve updated your business hours and any special occasions, click “Save” to finalize the changes.

Bonus Tip:  Regularly Review Your Hours:  Business hours can change.  Make it a habit to review and update your GBP hours periodically to ensure accuracy, especially around holidays or seasonal variations.

By keeping your Google Business Profile hours up-to-date, you’ll provide convenience for customers, improve their experience, and potentially boost your local search ranking. 

PS: Share this blog with fellow business owners to ensure that their Google Business Profile business hours are up-to-date and informative.