Many small business owners who are just starting to build their social media presence always ask this: “ How often should I post?”

To be honest, the answer depends on the platforms you use and the message that you want to share with your audience. 

However, if you’re just starting and you don’t know yet what will work for your business, this is a great guideline to follow.

  • Instagram: daily stories and regular posts will boost engagement. The average post in a day is between 1-3. Decide on how many posts you’ll make and DO IT CONSISTENTLY. 
  • Facebook: most studies agree that once a day is enough. If you post more than that, your customers will disengage.

When you have enough data, check your page’s insight to see what works and what doesn’t. Check which days and times you have the most engagement. You can then decide what day and what time you have to regularly post to keep your followers engaged.